The ‘Church Fathers’: Who Are They and Why Read Them?


"Those who have come to be known as the 'Church Fathers' led Christianity during the first centuries of its existence after the apostles... One only qualified as a 'Church Father' if he met four tests: antiquity, holiness of life, orthodox teaching, and ecclesiastical approval...Being accorded the … ...More

Eastern Right


Since the Second World War, Roman Catholicism has had enormous influence on American intellectual conservatism. The postwar rebirth of conservatism had two sources: libertarianism—a reassertion of classical liberalism against statism—and cultural traditionalism. For Russell Kirk and other leading … ...More

Why Apostolic Tradition Matters – 1


How do know if a particular doctrine is true or false? What defines the boundaries of orthodoxy? We’re not the first believers to face these questions. Within a generation of Christ’s death and resurrection, the church broke free from the orbit of Jerusalem and swerved into the path of the … ...More

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How is God the Judge of Mankind?

christ emperor

God is not the "judge" of men in the sense of a magistrate who passes sentence and imposes a punishment, testifying to the transgression. He is judge because of what He is: the possibility of life and true existence. When man voluntarily cuts himself off from this possibility of existence, he is … ...More

Should We Ask God to Spare Us From Suffering?


"If suffering is the sign of our election by God, why do we then pray to be spared from suffering and to have a painless and peaceful end? It is the same with temptations: in the Lord's Prayer, we entreat God not to be led into temptation, but the Holy Apostle James says that when we fall into … ...More

Why Apostolic Tradition Matters – 2

Vine and branches

It seems that every time a supposedly “lost gospel” is unearthed the media hypes it as if it were the Second Coming. Invariably, these texts contradict the received understanding of the church. The most recent example is the so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife. The scrap of parchment, published to … ...More

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