October 4th! Kevin Allen on: “Orthodoxy and Asceticism”


On Saturday, October 4th our next "Acquiring the Mind of the Church" talk will be on "Orthodoxy and Asceticism - Why and what is its purpose in our Christian lives?" Our speaker will be our own Kevin Allen who has done a study on the subject, from biblical, patristic and practical … ...More

Fr. Josiah Trenham on: Godly Marriage – Audio


This is the audio of our fourth talk in the once-monthly continuing education and catechism series: Acquiring the Mind of the Church! The talk, Godly Marriage and Virginity: Paths to Holiness, was presented at our parish by Fr. Josiah Trenham is the Senior Pastor of Saint Andrew Orthodox Church, … ...More

Exciting Events this weekend! Sept 6-7th


Saturday September 6th from 10-11:30 the V. Rev. Fr. Josiah Trenham will speak on 'Godly Marriage and Virginity'. Fr. Trenham will discuss how marriage and virginity are paths to holiness. For more information on the talk, click here.  PLEASE NOTE: this talk will be RECORDED via video and audio so … ...More

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10 Ways Orthodox Parents Set Children Up for Moral Failure


By Christina Pessemier Life gets busy and we don’t step back enough to see what we might be doing as parents to hurt our children’s spiritual growth. Being an intentional Orthodox Christian parent is hard work…but it’s worth it. We have a legacy of faith, wisdom and experience we can pass on to … ...More


Judy Alsop

By Judith Alsop A dear friend and mentor of mine quotes a poignant poem in his book, “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows.”  It goes like this: I walked a mile with pleasure; She chattered all the way, But left me none the wiser For all she had to say. I walked a mile with sorrow; And ne’er a word … ...More

From Protestant to Orthodox

Fr David Wooten

By Fr David Wooten ”If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” II Cor. 5:17 BEGINNINGS When I talk with people “who knew me when”—during my first twenty years of life as an Evangelical Protestant—I usually am met with … ...More

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