Listen to our choir


You may now listen to several recordings of our Choir singing classic Orthodox Hymns. Thank you, Scot Larsen and the choir. … ...More

August 2nd! Mother Victoria on: “Prayer in the Heart in a World of Distractions”

abbess Mother Victoria

Join us  Saturday August 2nd from 10-11:30 when Abbess Mother Victoria will give us our third in the adult catechism series “Acquiring the Mind of the Church”. Mother Victoria's topic will be "Prayer in the Heart in a World of Distractions". (Kevin Allen told us that he has personally heard … ...More

Reading the Bible as an Orthodox Christian – Audio

St Barnabas Poster Icon Thumb

Dr Jeannie Constantinou This is the second of our new once-monthly continuing education and catechism series: Acquiring the Mind of the Church! This lecture is called: Reading the Bible as an Orthodox Christian.  In it Dr Jeannie Constantinou reviews how Orthodox interpret the scriptures … ...More

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The Dark Knight of the Soul


By Tomas Rocha Set back on quiet College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, sits a dignified, four story, 19th-century house that belongs to Dr. Willoughby Britton. Inside, it is warm, spacious, and organized. The shelves are stocked with organic foods. A solid wood dining room table seats up to … ...More

Living A Christian Life Requires Constant Effort


By Ben Cabe When I was 13-years-old my dad challenged me to do 40 situps every day for two weeks. I informed him after the two weeks that I successfully completed his challenge and planned to continue the exercise. And I did. I kept it up for quite some time. When I began to see the slightest … ...More

What is the Orthodox Church?


By Gabe Martini Properly speaking, there is no such thing as “the Orthodox Church.” This is used by convention to refer to a body of fourteen autonomous, local churches, united by a common faith, worship, and Eucharistic fellowship. Each of these local churches together comprise the one holy, … ...More

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