Abbot Tryphon on “I will walk among you” – Videos

Father Tryphon

This is the two part video of the nativity Retreat series given by Abbot Tryphon in our continuing education and catechism series: Acquiring the Mind of the Church! The series is entitled: "I will walk among you" and was presented at our parish by the Very Reverend Father Tryphon is the … ...More

Father Patrick O’Grady on “Confession – Purification of the Soul” – Video


This is the video of our recent talk by Father Patrick O’Grady in our continuing education and catechism series: Acquiring the Mind of the Church! The talk, Confession - Purification of the Soul, was presented at our parish and the talk is now available for download listening on Ancient Faith … ...More

Saint Barnabas Advent Retreat – December 5 – Sign Up

Father Tryphon

Sign up for our Advent Retreat - Click Here!!! For many, “Christmas” has turned into a consumeristic frenzy, but for Christians it should maintain its profound and reverential meaning: it is the Advent of eternal life through the Incarnation of God the Word in the flesh (prophesied in the Hebrew … ...More

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Finding The New Testament Church


By Fr. Jon E. Braun Coming off a couple of decades of heightened awareness of our need for a personal knowledge of Christ–notably evidenced through such phenomena as the Jesus Movement and the charismatic renewal–most thinking Christians are realizing something else is needed: the rediscovery of … ...More

Orthodox Living in the Modern World: Steps to Spiritual Transformation

A Monk

On August 22, 2015, Schema-Archimandrite Sergius, abbot of St. Tikhon’s Monastery delivered an address to the annual Women’s Retreat sponsored by the Department of Curriculum and Education of the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern PA, held at St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Seminary in Waymart, PA, on … ...More

5 Compelling Insights To Help You Suffer Well

Keith Kettenring

The Good in Suffering Far Outweighs the Bad By Keith Kettenring he night before my daughter left for college, a drunk driver rammed his truck into the wall of my church office destroying furniture, books, and other treasures. After Jenna and Rhonda drove away the next morning, I went to my bedroom … ...More

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